The Lincolns | Planning for 2014
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Planning for 2014

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A new year means new planning for the months to come.  So we’ve began the “thinking” process for our planned events for 2014.  Our annual Halloween Party that was put on hiatus for a few years will be back this year!  We’re still tossing around theme ideas, but I think we have a good handle on what we want it to be.  Once we finalize that, we’ll start figuring out the invitations.  Hopefully it will be pretty epic.  It’s one of those things that we’ve missed doing but we have been focused on other things.  Now that we are in our new home, we’re hoping to keep the party going.


We are thinking of throwing a small Christmas Party this year also, but that’s still undecided at this point.


I hope that everyone has a great year!  Here are some pictures from out past Halloween parties.


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